film with photos


this one requires an introduction


It may surprise you to know that the image above is in fact a photo taken from video footage. 

To save you the hassle of hiring both a wedding videographer and photographer, and having two random strangers at your wedding, at Blush Pink, we can do the lot!

The video cameras we use are so high quality, we can pull photos from the footage.

Think about it - after your big day you’ll likely print out poster size pics of yourMr & Mrs shots for the mantelpiece and maybe some family, group and bridal party pics to share. 

Everything else is destined for the album and well, Facebook. If this sounds like you, read on Macduff!

All the photos we pull from our footage can be printed up to A4 size and posted to social without dropping quality. And you’ll still be able to get poster print outs of your main pics. 

So if you’re keen to save on the cost of both a photographer and videographer, Blush Pink has you covered.

We come in particularly handy for destination weddings. Just saying. 

how it works on the day

Our Capture Queen is both a photographer & videographer, so she can switch between video and stills camerasthroughout your bigday. 


For High Res PosterPrintable Images

Mr & Mrs Love Shots

Family Shots 

Group Shot

Bridal Party Shots


For your Film & Lower Res Social Images

The rest of the day is captured on a video camera and photos are taken from footage. Win-win!